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My macro showing the roll as plain text?

Hi, I've put this macro available to my players so they can choose one kind of potion and get how much HP they gain from it, but I can't get it to show the roll as usually, it shows plain numbers and not a roll so they can't see the roll result when they put the pointer over it. I've used the roll template for pathfinder 2e, this is my macro: &nbsp;&amp;{template:rolls} {{header=Poción de Curación}} [[{{desc= ?{Elige una poción|Inferior, [image](<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) **Poción de Curación Inferior** cura **[[1d8]]** pg|Menor, [image](<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) **Poción de Curación Menor** cura **[[2d8+5]]** pg|Moderada, [image](<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) **Poción de Curación Moderada** cura **[[3d8+10]]** pg|Mayor, [image](<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) **Poción de Curación Mayor** cura **[[6d8+20]]** pg|Superior, [image](<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) **Poción de Curación Superior** cura **[[8d8+30]]** pg} }} !roll20AM --audio,nomenu,play|pocion !roll20AM --audio,nomenu,delay:5,stop|pocion Also, I would like to add that number to the health of the selected token. I have tokenmod, but I've searched and found that one roll can't be "readed" and used in a formula after it rolled, but would it be possible to get a similar output using the&nbsp;--report command? Any help with that would be greatly appreciated. And one last question, anyone knows if there's a way to modify the input modal window, maybe change the title so doesn't show that "Input Value" message? Thanks!

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Just a quick look - I see an extra set of square brackets before the desc section: &amp;{template:rolls} {{header=Poción de Curación}} [[ {{desc= It should work if you remove them: &amp;{template:rolls} {{header=Poción de Curación}} {{desc=
Right! Thank you for catching that! Fixed!

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Sheet Author
There is an extra couple square brackets ie "[[" at the beginning that need to be removed. [[{{desc= That should help with the inline rolls. Tokenmod can adjust token bar values, but I'm not sure if you can embed an api call inside the macro... Tim might have a meta script method that can capture the rolls so they can be used in both.&nbsp; Not sure Here's an example of just using tokenmod; !token-mod {{ --set bar1_value|+[[ { @{target|Whom|bar1|max}, [[ ?{Elige una poción|Inferior,1d8|Menor,2d8+5|Moderada,3d8+10|Mayor,6d8+20|Superior,8d8+30} ]] }kl1 ]] --report all|"Healed {name} for {bar1_value:abschange}hp, now at {bar1_value}" --ids @{target|Whom|token_id} }} Query window; AFAIK, I think you would have to use Stylus or similar css browser extension to adjust those types of elements in the vtt and it only appears different to the person using the extension.
I have tested with tokenmod and it seems that --report doesn't support that kind of output, but I can live without a "pretty" template! I'll use that.&nbsp; Thank you!