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[Suggestion] Deal Multiple Cards

When selecting the "Deal" action for a deck, the Deal Multiple Card screen has an option to deal to "All Players". If you do this, it deals a card to the GM as well - which maybe you don't want. It would be nice if there was a "All Players" (which did only players) and a "To Everybody" (which would include the GM). (Reasoning: Savage Worlds game, we're using a deck for bennies. When you deal to All Players, that gives the GM a bennie which I don't want.)
+1 The card mechanic in general needs a pretty thorough rework. Things like dealing specific cards, attaching cards to other cards (like enchantments in magic), and some dealer controls that represent what you can do with a real deck (deal 10 cards to a single player, or deal 5 cards to each, ect.) Also curious if this could be macroable in some way. Might allow for programmable game types for the community to just build when needed.
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