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Adapt a NPC character sheet for a sdummoned creature


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Hi all, Using 5eogl and playing dd5. I'd like to know if it's possible to adapt some NPC attributes for a summoned creature. Example : A character summons a celestial spirit through a spell (5th level) That spirit has a AC = 11+ spell level (+2 if a defender, but that's another story) and 40+(10*spell level). How could I update that depending on the spell level. I guess there's probably a script card that could deal with the level query, and then a spawn script to have it appear on the VTT... But how can we modify the attributes with values that would match the level query ? Don't know if all this is even possible ? meta scripting, fetching, spawning ??? Would someone accept the challenge ? Best ! EDIT : Of course I know that I will need a Pro Access for that, but my dm can allow me access on his pro account (helping him with his demands because of language restrictions...)

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David M.
API Scripter
You should be able to update the AC & hp of a summoned token directly using the Spawn script. If AC is bar2 and hp is bar1, then something like this should work: !Spawn {{ --name| Celestial Spirit --offset| 1,0 --bar1| [[40 + (10*?{What spell level?|5|6|7|8|9})]] --bar2| [[11 + ?{What spell level?} + ?{Defender bonus?|0}]] }} The different attack/damage values by spell level would have to be handled with separate macros. EDIT - note that this only affects the token and not the character sheet

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Thanks that helps, and leads me to another question... Do you think it's possible to put the spell's level value to bar3 in the same manner and then change the damage formula to add +@{selected|bar3} (requiring that the celestial would have to be selected for the token actions to work anyway) Would the synthax be correct and would that work ? EDIT : actually it works !!! i changed the formulas in the duplicated character sheet and all is good....
Actually, the calculation is incorrect. It is normally 40+10 for each level above 5th. So I corrected it to  (10*?{What spell level?|5|6|7|8|9})-50]]
David M.
API Scripter
Ah yep, good catch!