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Help with OnMyTurn Script

Nick O.
Forum Champion
I'm trying to use the OnMyTurn script from this post -&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I've got it working with simple die rolls, but when I try to include a query, I receive an error.&nbsp; Here's the command that I've placed in the OnMyTurn ability&nbsp;&nbsp;&amp;{template:default}{{name=Generate Ferocity}}{{Ferocity Generated=[[?{How many adjacent enemies}+1d4]]}} Here is the error that appears in the API console: "OnMyTurn: ERROR PARSING: &amp;{template:default}{{name=Generate Ferocity}}{{Ferocity Generated=[[?{How many adjacent enemies}+1d4]]}}" "OnMyTurn: ERROR: SyntaxError: Expected \"(\", \".\", \"[\", \"abs(\", \"ceil(\", \"d\", \"floor(\", \"round(\", \"t\", \"{\", [ |\\t], [+|\\-] or [0-9] but \"?\" found." It looks like it doesn't like the question mark from query, is there a way to get it to accept that?&nbsp; Thanks in advance!
API Scripter
Queries can't be used in API-generated messages, and that is ultimately the API sending the command. The problem is that the question would be posed to the sender of the message, the API can't answer the question. You can try hiding the query in a button that the OnMyTurn script would send to the chat... letting you click to start the *actual* event you want to trigger, but meanwhile becoming the author/sender of the request.&nbsp; &nbsp;
Nick O.
Forum Champion
Thanks, timmaugh!