Game is also listed for the pick-up option. Anyone who would like to join can do so 2h prior to the game by finding it in the roll20 pick-up games. Time and Important Intel : This game takes place on Saturday at 5PM GMT+2 (5PM CEST). Every adventure is a one-shot of a level (from 1 to 16). The game will run with a minumim of 3 players. Level of this adventure is 5 About the Module/Collection: Candlekeep Mysteries is an anthology of seventeen mystery-themed adventures. Each adventure is centered around a single book found in Candlekeep, the Forgotten Realms’ iconic library fortress. In this book, D&D provides a showcase for a variety of voices, with each of the adventures written by a different author. All of these adventures are intended to be played as one-shots or dropped into an existing campaign and running them however you like is encouraged. The book also provides more than enough setting information for your players to visit Candlekeep in each of these adventures (or for your own adventure). About the DM: I have years of experience with adventures and themes of Dungeons and Dragons with two years of being a Dungeon Master on the Roll20 Platform. In those two years I have run numerous campaigns, including modules and long-term homebrew adventure, as well as dozens of arena-type games. I've played with both old and new players, helping many to have a better time experiencing the gift that I consider D&D to truly be. I try to stick to the core rules, but I adapt to the changes in environment and to the players when the situation requires me to do so. I'm fine with UA and optional rules (except mystic). I adore roleplaying, but I understand players that tend to do things in a little quieter way. Rules: ✪ The players are level 5 . The players use a 27 Point Buy method to get their stats and pick average for Hit Points . They do not start with any extra magical items nor equipment that exceeds their starting gold. ✪ For voice chat we use discord. No need for cameras. ✪ Be friendly towards your fellow players and try to cooperate with them when in need. ✪ New players and veterans alike are welcome. I will gladly help when asked. ✪ All official content as well as most of UA is fine by me. In case of using UA the DM must have a link to the utilized document.  If you're interested, feel free to message me here, privately, in the game listing or simply use the pick-up option up to 2h prior to the game start. Listing link is: Candlekeep Saturday One Shot