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looking to fill a weekday game, preferably a game on Monday or Wednesday. I would like a somewhat flexible DM who would let me playtest and maybe even give me some of their thoughts on my answer to some of the recent ungodly power creep.  I don't really need hard battles, fights are second, or even third. I would love to have a heavy RP game with occasional fighting.  I am a fairly accomplished DM but I would love to finally play a game. Not a premade game like curse of strahd or descent into avernus or whichever. I really just want to have a grand custom adventure were we can get away with some mild fun homebrew. As far as payment, I am NOT a fan of paying every game, mostly wanna go paid for the sole sake of not having have the group mysteriously fucking vanish after session one or drop out because "fuck this group" If we pay for it, people will take it just a touch more seriously. But I don't mind a sort of once a month one one time payment so long as things are decent and wont fall apart.  I know I may be asking a bit, but I am asking none the less as you fail your task with every chance you don't take. I really wanna see a grand old timey adventure, trapped or set out to make a discovery, fighting undead creatures and uncovering secrets. A good old classy and classic adventure.
Hello, I am looking for players for my Monday game. Below is a link to my post with more information. I require payment of $15 per session but if you wished to pay monthly that would be allowed. You would get the first two sessions free. If you have any questions please contact me on discord at "Nuke Ekun#3596" My post link
If your still looking id like to know the limits of payment youd prefer if session zero and 1 are offered for free