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Help on making a Race Macro for D&D 5e

Hey yall; so I found this amazing roll table on Chartopia but would love to have a way to imitate the table in Macro form. It's from <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> by Drakkonus whose done an amazing job. 1d244 Race 1-4 Aarakocra 5-8 Roll on&nbsp; "Aasimar Subrace" 9-12 Bugbear 13-16 Centaur 17-20 Changeling 21-24 Dhampir 25-28 Roll on&nbsp; "Dragonborn Subrace" 29-45 Roll on&nbsp; "Dwarf Subrace" 46-66 Roll on&nbsp; "Elf Subrace" 67-70 Fairy 71-74 Firblog 75-78 Roll on&nbsp; "Genasi Subrace" 79-82 Roll on&nbsp; "Gith Subrace" 83-92 Roll on&nbsp; "Gnome Subrace" 93-96 Goblin 97-100 Goliath 101-104 Roll on&nbsp; "Grung Subrace" 105-108 Roll on&nbsp; "Half-Elf Subrace" 109-112 Roll on&nbsp; "Half-Orc Subrace" 113-128 Roll on&nbsp; "Halfling Subrace" 129-132 Harengon 133-136 Hexblade 137-140 Hobgoblin 141-160 Roll on&nbsp; "Human Subrace" 161-164 Kalashtar 165-168 Kenku 169-172 Kobold 173-176 Leonin 177-180 Lizardfolk 181-184 Locathah 185-188 Loxodon 189-192 Minotaur 193-196 Orc 197-200 Reborn 201-204 Satyr 205-208 Roll on&nbsp; "Shifter Subrace" 209-212 Simic Hybrid 213-216 Tabaxi 217-220 Roll on&nbsp; "Tiefling Subrace" 221-224 Tortle 225-228 Triton 229-232 Vedalken 233-236 Verdan 237-240 Warforged 241-244 Yuan-Ti Pureblood Subcharts Aasimar Subrace (d4) Dragonborn Subrace (1d17) Dwarf Subrace (d4) Elf Subrace (1d13) Genasi Subrace (d4) Gith Subrace (1d2) Gnome Subrace (d4) Grung Subrace (d6) Half-Elf Subrace (d6) Half-Orc Subrace (1d2) Halfling Subrace (d6) Human Subrace (1d7) Shifter Subrace (d4) Tiefling Subrace (d12)
David M.
API Scripter
Take a look at the RecursiveTable script. It will "drill down", rolling on subtables based on parent table results.