Hi, I'm DM'ing an ongoing DnD 3.5 campaign and, as the title says, I'm looking for 1-2 players to join us on a Monday evening 8pm-10pm, UK time. The current party level is around 15th and the goal is to be around 25th at the end of the campaign. It's okay if you don't have experience of high-level DnD 3.5 play, we're very friendly and helpful. If you wish, you can even start at 1st-level and make your way to the same level as the rest of the group! I award double-exp for "catch-up" PCs. Please, no powergamers. It's okay to be "optimised", but please beware I can and do nerf spells & feats as the game progresses, to keep things manageable. I also do not permit 5 different prestige classes etc everything must have an in-character reason for existing, although as I said we are friendly and helpful and weaker characters can expect assistance to make sure they're punching at the same weight as everyone else. Thanks for reading and good gaming!