Welcome to the release notes of tomorrow ! (Although technically this week) I hope folks weeks have been going well and that GMs and Players alike have a c complished amazing and unimaginable feats! Now seems like the perfect time to remind folks to not forget to claim your free adventure! You can read more on our  blog , but you can claim the free module  Scarlet Citadel: Dwarven Barracks  RIGHT. NOW. Kobold Press provides you all with a sampling of the Scarlet Citadel rife with plenty of exploration and adventure to be had. Now, as usual, you can find the summary of  releases this past week -- May 27 , 2022 Fixed an issue where links to handouts and characters in popped-out handouts would cause an error when clicked. May 23 , 2022 Improvements to Fallout sheet:  to correctly calculate Tag Skill successes and to correctly calculate NPC TNs in roll templates. Fixed an issue where the add page anywhere functionality in the VTT page menu was not working correctly. For those who want to stay caught up on that latest of the latest, our  Change Log  is always updated as releases arrive! Wishing you all the best over this coming weekend!