Hi there. I'm looking for players to run through the 'Against the Cult of the Reptile God' module from Ad&d, but using my own RPG system I'm developing called 'Duels of Dreams' or DODAS. The system excels at gritty, realistic, and intense low level combat. You'll have lots of options in combat, and can customize a character extensively with a point buy character creation system. Looking to run no-magic characters only  (or possibly low-magic). This is a classic dungeon crawl and mystery adventure, mixed with some intrigue, stealth, puzzles, and tactful social encounters. Likely will run 3-8 sessions long, but depends on how long each session is and the pace of players. I'm looking to run multiple groups of this ideally, each with some slightly different variants to the rules. Could start as early as next week. Prefer weekdays afternoon or evenings (EST), and am not available Sundays (and probably not Saturdays either). You can find more information about the game here on the website, including the game rules and some useful tutorial videos to get started. duelsofdreams.com In addition, I made a short campaign promo video to build hype, and so you can hear my voice and get some idea what kind of GM I am. 'Against the Reptile Cult' campaign promo video Hope you're up for a game!