Hi everyone! You may (or may not) notice some new pop ups from time to time when loading into your game. We are working to try and provide more proactive information when folks are encountering problems, so if you see a pop up like this... ...no need to worry! If you do need help for anything on Roll20, always feel free to check our our  Help Center  which has a TON of helpful information to upgrade your play or get things back on track. Now, as  u sual, you can find the summary of  releases this past week -- June 9 , 2022 The VTT will now display an error message if there is a fatal error which prevents the game from loading. The VTT will display a dismissible alert when loading a page with dynamic lighting and we detect that Hardware Acceleration may be disabled. June 6, 2022 Intelligence added as a quick roll option to the Fallout character sheet For those who want to stay caught up on that latest of the latest, our  Change Log  is always updated as releases arrive! Wishing you all the best over this coming weekend!