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Bored DM looking to run some newb Pathfinder/4E games.


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So I see a lot of new players showing up and looking for an introduction. I've got free weekdays, and I don't mind teaching, so why not. Here's the deal; I'm thinking of Thursdays, but that's up for negotiation. If you're a new player, easy to get along with, and want to learn how to play some games, give me a shout. Skype voice will be required, that's how I do my stuff. I'll be happy to run sessions explaining everything from character creation to getting in-character and roleplaying (can be quite a task for new and/or shy players), and running some lengthy one-shot adventures that should last enough time to get everything down. If that's your thing, let me know. I'll probably take like, 6 people for a group at most, I just can't handle more than that. EDIT: Also, my timezone is EST. So, make sure that works for you.
Hey! Myself and my bud would like to play some pathfinder, we've never played it before, but we've got some 3.5 experience. -Julio
Hey there, I'd love to play in a game like that. I even have a level 1 inquisitor all ready to go.
Hey, my friend(Julio A.) and I have been looking for a Pathfinder game for a while now and this looks pretty good. As he said above, neither of us have played Pathfinder but we're pretty good at picking up new games.

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I'd be interested in this. I've worked on making characters (I find that to be time consuming but fun), however i'm a shy person and I find it very intimidating actually talking and trying to get in character. I've done text based roleplays before, but doing it vocally is just a little harder for me, so it'd be nice to have a relaxed newb friendly environment to try it out, where if I fail at least it's somewhat expected.
I would love to join! I'm new to RPGS, but I learn very quickly. I'm definietly inerested. I'm in CST.
I'm probably going to be running something either tonight (Thursday) at about 7PM EST, or Sunday at the same time. Because I really don't want to go around to each individual person who sent me a message and try and work out a time that fits all of them, it's easier to just say this is when I'm doing it, show up if you want to play. So, 7PM. I'll be starting with basic and advanced Pathfinder character creation, and how to build a character for a specific setting and roleplaying, and then going through a dungeon crawl (not the Beginner's Box) to experience what's been discussed. So, if people are available and want to play tonight, send me a message on Skype as early as possible, and if there's enough bodies, we can go ahead. Otherwise, send me a PM if you intend to be available on Sunday. My Skype is Askren-
So, no interest in playing tonight, I'll still leave the offer open for Sunday. But for the record, people coming in expecting a full, ongoing campaign, that's not really what I have set up. This is a short module for new players to get experience. So, same deal. Sunday at 7PM EST. Send me a PM to reserve a spot.
Oh I don't expect a real campaign. I just need some practical experience, and think what you wrote and are offering would be really beneficial. So I'd love to reserve a spot for Sunday @ 7.
I would be interested so long as it could be 9pm est or later start and not sunday since I am part of a campaign that plays on sunday nights XD
I'd be up for it Sunday night. Do you have pregens available? And how long do you think the game would run for?
I've been busy with work, so I'll try to get back to everyone who sent a message to me, I did get all of them and read them, so hang tight. Anyway, like I said, Sunday 7PM EST, there's going to be a lot to cover as this is basically going to be a complete intro. Normally I try to run sessions for about 4-5 hours, this may end up longer due to the amount of people and how slow things may go for new players. Expect at least 5 hours, probably more. I can provide pre-made characters, but I'd rather people use the instruction time to build something simple, so I don't have to provide them for everyone. Like I said, we'll be going over basic character building, constructing a useable character and roleplaying it, and any other issues people have before moving right into the game, where people can play the character they built. Any other questions, direct to me via Skype and I'll try and answer.
This sounds like just what I've been looking for! Thanks so much!
So I tried to go through all the Skype requests and PMs I got and answer them, but I may have missed some. The session will be starting Sunday at 7PM, and if I've spoken to you and you confirmed your ability to attend, I'll be sending out a Skype group around session time. If we haven't spoken, you should get in touch between now and then and confirm your ability to attend, and I'll get back to you.
If you end up running games on Thursday let me know, I would love to get in on it.