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New or Copied Character Name Will Not Save


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Hi folks, I'm suddenly having an issue with new or copied character names.  Roll20 will not save them.  I will illustrate my issue with screen shots. 1. This is the map.  It's a rough map of Europe in 1803 and I am using it for my friends on my side to keep track of where our units are in a campaign against a bunch of other friends playing Mr Bonaparte and his allies.  Another fellow runs the campaign on a printed map with pins at his place - we send him our moves and he figures out where there are battles and we play table top wargames to determine the outcome.  I created this in February/March so our side had a reasonable way to discuss things - the other players are spread across Canada and the actual games are played here where a few of us live. 2. I'm going to click the add button and create a new character which I want to add for Sweden.  The screen shot below shows a new character displayed in the journal tab and the completed character I have named "Swedish Light Cavalry": 3. However, when I click Save, you can see the new character in the journal tab retains the auto-generated name.  The character screen still shows "Swedish Light Cavalry": 4. I thought closing the character screen dialog might refresh the character name in the journal tab, but no such luck: 5. Re-opening the character, one sees that the "Swedish Light Cavalry" has not been saved: 6. I can edit it ad nauseum to no effect.  The very same thing happens if I open an existing character and duplicate it.  Changing "Copy of Kingdom of Naples Light Cavalry" to "Swedish Light Cavalry" does not work either. 7. This is new to me.  I last added new characters in late March/early April.  My standard approach to add characters (units) to a new country was to duplicate one of a number of generic unit types, change the name, then add a tint to the token default.  All of that works, except the name change. 8. If anyone has any suggestions or can let me know if this is a known bug, please let me know. :)  Sweden has just contacted us and offered its forces in the struggle against Napoleon and I'd like to add their units to the mix. :) Our orders are due come Sunday! Thanks in advance and all the best, -- Tim
After Editing the name, try Pressing ENTER. And after that, close the sheet.

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TheMarkus1204 said: After Editing the name, try Pressing ENTER. And after that, close the sheet. Thanks Markus, but this does not work.
Oh jeez.  It was an API copied from another game that stopped the name change.  Good grief what an idiot I am and what a load of wasted time.  Apologies
Sheet Author
What api does that (so I can be sure to avoid it)?
Kraynic said: What api does that (so I can be sure to avoid it)? You don't need to worry, it's one of my custom API scripts from another wargames campaign manager I have on the go that makes sure players cannot change standard characters or "units" accidentally.  It sends a notice to the chat tab, but the idiot I was, I did not notice it yesterday. :(
Sheet Author
Ah, totally makes sense to have something to lock down names in that context.