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[LFDM][LFG][5e] At least 2 players looking for group

Hey there! So, as the title says, I have at least 2 players, myself and my fiancée, looking for a group or DM right now. I say at least 2 players because we have several friends we regularly play with who might also be interested. I've been playing and DMing, mostly DMing, for around 6 years now. My fiancée has been playing slightly longer than me. So, we both have a good amount of experience under our belts.  We're really open to anything, homebrew or module, and the only day we definitely cannot do is Sunday. Other days may start to fill up (we might be starting VTM on Wednesdays) but Sunday is the only set no for now. We would prefer to play in the evenings UK time, as it works for the time zone difference between us. 
I'm also looking for a group in the evenings UK time. I would like to play! 🙂
EST I'm running a dragon ball game using 5e system. I created a class especially for it, put together alternative story. Space adventure and saving the Galaxy. If you're interested let me know here or on discord, DragonlordStorm#3094  Still working what times to play for when I have a confirmed group 
Forever DM, UK based, also looking to join a game. I run games on Tuesday & Friday evenings, my preferred night would be Saturday 
I can't play on Thursday or Saturday 
@Breennon M. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't be interested in that game. Mostly because I have absolutely no interest in Dragonball or that universe.