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[LFDM][LFG][D&D5e][Other][GMT+3] Two experienced players looking for a group

We are two friends who've been playing TTRPGs together for more than two years, our experience includes D&D, Dragon Age, Mothership and some other games. We're good at roleplaying and one of us is good at building characters that are actually useful in combat! One of us tends to play intelligent bastards, and the other anti-authoritarian himbos (but we can play other things as well, we promise). We're looking for a long campaign, we'd love to play D&D but can be persuaded to play almost any system. We can play at 19:00 GMT+3 on any day of the week (the time is somewhat negotiable, but not by much). We're LGBTQIA+ friendly and punctual.
I could play, I'm GMT+1 :)
We're primarily looking for a GM right now and not more players who wouldn't know what to do with themselves without GM :))
So do you not want me to DM? That's ok :)
Oh I misunderstood that as your offer to join as a player. Let's maybe take it to discord to discuss in more detail? This is me: beformista#1416