Hello Everyone! For those who m a y have missed it, please check out the Q&A session we held this week featuring Morgan Buck our CTO! We had some great questions come in during the live Q&A window. Feel free to check it out and read through! You should also keep your eyes peeled for similar opportunities in the future! Q&A With CTO Morgan Buck - Operation Firebolt + Product Updates Now, as  u sual, you can find the summary of  releases this past week -- June 20 , 2022 Minor adjustments to dark mode version of 5e character sheet for roll templates not using correct colors General sheet updates made for Vampire the Masquerade 5e character sheet: Section Control: Choose which sections of the sheet are relevant to your SPC General Difficulties: SPCs can now have general difficulties defined Dice Roller: Uses the new dice roller implemented on the standard sheet for automatic result calculation SPC Drag and Drop: Drag & drop SPCs directly from the compendium to a character sheet For those who want to stay caught up on that latest of the latest, our  Change Log  is always updated as releases arrive! I will be gone for a few weeks, but no worries, we will still have release notes as they are needed! I shall see you all again once I return!