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Handout Stacking would be better if Staggered


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  I have a game where I shoot players multiple handouts at many points in the game.  These handouts when 'shown to players' stack neatly on top of each other, hiding the ones beneath.   Would it be easy to fix it to where each handout shown to players staggers a bit from the previous, possibly cycling a loop of slightly different placements each time the 'Show to players' option is used on a handout?  So that if I show three handouts in a fairly short succession parts of the frames of all three handouts would still be visible without moving them around.  This way Players would instantly be aware of how many handouts they've just been shown.
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Great idea. I always end up staggering each new Handout that pops up, by hand, in anticipation of the "hidden handout" issue. I mean I love the way Roll20 tabletop remembers the position and window size of your Handouts and Sheets, when you double-click the top line to minimize them. Even if you moved the minimized bar. That's cool.  So you can stagger the minimized top-bars of each handout by hand and they stick where you stack them (for that game session). Sure would be nice if, like your idea, the Handouts drop with a stacked sequence in the first place. I will come back and add +1 when I get a free Vote on this site
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