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[FREE][LFP][DnD 3.5E][Savage Tide][18+][UK] Looking for 1-2 Mature Players for Monday Evenings 20:00-22:00 UK Time Weekly


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Hi, I'm DM'ing an ongoing DnD 3.5 campaign and, as the title says, I'm looking for 1-2 players to join us on our regular weekly Monday evening slot which runs between 8pm-10pm, UK time (currently GMT+1).   The current party level is around 17th and the goal is to be around 25th at the end of the campaign.   It's okay if you don't have experience of high-level DnD 3.5 play, we're very friendly and helpful. If you wish, you can even start at 1st-level and make your way to the same level as the rest of the group! I award double-exp for "catch-up" PCs.   Please, no powergamers. It's okay to be "optimised", but please beware I can and do nerf spells & feats as the game progresses, to keep things manageable. I also do not permit 5 different prestige classes etc everything must have an in-character reason for existing, although as I said we are friendly and helpful and weaker characters can expect assistance to make sure they're punching at the same weight as everyone else.   Here's a bunch of information to help you understand my game and the players.   The Game We Play : I'm running a campaign called The Savage Tide, which is the last 3.5 DnD campaign ever written. It was published in Dragon and Dungeon magazines by the team who then went on to found Paizo and then release Pathfinder etc. It's a 12-part campaign and we're about to kick-off module #6 so there's plenty left to play. We've done a bunch of side-quests, hence the party is now quite a bit over the "recommended" level of the pre-written campaign. This is all fine as we aim to experience the Epic Level play, as mentioned in the advert.    How I run the game : We use Discord for voice, Roll20 for the characters, maps, handouts and dice rolls. I've tried to put as much of the 3.5 ruleset into Roll20 as possible in the form of handouts, to save time looking stuff up in books. I don't go crazy on Roll20 macros although we do use a few for saves, skill checks and such. We don't generally use dynamic lighting as we've had performance issues with that so I use just normal fog of war for the maps.   The group : Birch the Saintly Human Monk . A melee tank who doesn't stand for evil things getting away with bad stuff. Keeps a close eye on Scarant. Scarant the Grabber Phanaton Rogue/Swordsage . Very good at locating "shiny" stuff. Not so good at letting others know he has found it. Bella the Aasimar Sorceress . Can rain down various forms of unpleasantness on NPCs foolish enough to stand in her way.   If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.   Thanks for reading and good gaming! Manny  
Hey man i would love to join, is there a way we could have a meet over dicord so we can tell a bit about eachother see if we match? Dyrty#2158
Sounds great! I've sent you a PM just now.

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Sounds superfun!  I also would like to meet and see if we match (still room for 1 more?) I have a lot of campaigns running and looking for one more to really hit that sweet spot. IG88#3672
Hey Ante - absolutely, I will ping you a DM shortly so we can arrange a quick chat!
This advert is now closed as we have enough players, thank you for your interest. I will re-post if we need more players in future!