After long-time planning and research, Roll20 is changing the name for APIs. Roll20 is renaming our APIs to Mods for a few reasons: 1) Calling the scripts APIs is not technically accurate 2) Mods is a better descriptor of how the scripts are used in games 3) Players are more familiar with the term Mods Ultimately, we’re hoping this change will attract folks who found “APIs” intimidating even though they act as Mods. Basically, it’s like modding Skyrim but on Roll20. We’re gradually making the change since API is used in a lot of places, and it’s not something we will strictly enforce. Do you have videos, podcasts, or blogs about APIs? Rad! You don’t have to go back and change any wording to Mods unless that’s something you want to do. The functionality is not changing for the scripts, only the name. The brilliant folks who run the Roll20 Wiki are aware of the change and will make adjustments as they see fit.