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Substitution not working

So I have this crude macro. Don't laugh as I'm just learning. The first line works fine and generates a 3 or 0. The second macro works fine. But when I replace the [[3]] with the first line of code line it breaks the query. Any ideas why this doesn't work? [[{{@{Fargrim|Level},0}>5}*3]] ?{Cure Wounds|    Level 1, Target regains [[1d8+1+2+@{Fargrim|wisdom_mod}]] HP.  **Healer** regains [[3]] HP.|  Level 2, Target regains [[2d8+2+2+@{Fargrim|wisdom_mod}]] HP.  **Healer** regains [[4]] HP.}
Sheet Author
API Scripter
It'll be breaking because it includes a comma and the last two } symbols (not the one in the attribute). It's because you are placing it in a query, and in a query, commas and } already do something, and they take priority - causing the macro to fail. If you want it to work, you need to replace the comma and the lat two } symbols in your original calculation with the html entities for those symbols. The problem is described here, I believe: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>