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Anyone else tired of BBEG the Level 4 Dragon King?

Over the past year or so I've noticed a trend in many of the games I have jumped on here be it one shot or actual campains. Each one of them has a GRAND ADVENTURE planned for the HERO'S who would await glory! All of the things an adventure could want, are promised as they set off on their adventure, but at level 1, what is the difference between you, the fighter of the group, and a local misc town guard at level 1? The answer? One has a N in the PC and the other dosent. Likewise im getting really sick of being level ~20 and fighting A BEAR in the woods who will leasurly stroll up and crit me for 300 hp. Please guys, I realize DMing at higher levels isnt easy, but will you please stop making the BBEG so god dam cheesy. If we are level 1 and you introduce your dragon/lich/god/shadow/evil/bunny/socerer king we should not survive, and making a random excuse as to why it "makes sence" that he spared our lives only for us to level up like 2 times before we fight him through some storyline empowered bullshitery only for him to escape and us meet him 10 levels later on "suspsensfuly even" grounds. Please.... Staahp...More often than not It gets tiring players stop being supprised when boss's dont die It cheapens the realism encourages midmaxing and most of all-apparently, its easy as shit. So please... stop spreading this vile plague. Also, apparently we spend the first 16-30 years of our lives (for a human at least) workking hard and dilligantly to gain level 1. But a 1 year road trip that leads us alot of beating things with a metal object apparently makes us on par with any enemy the world has to offer.
Some food for thought.
B Simon Smith
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I don't think this belongs here, as it isn't on topic for being Roll20 specific.
Perhaps the last part, but as fir the first part this experience is specific to roll20 games. If you feel otherwise thats what the flag function is for.
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Your best bet is to try looking around in the LFG for the style of gameplay that you like. If you know a particular RPG / rule set that suits the style you'd like more, look for that edition in the drop-down menu for Games, and narrow it down from there by talking to the GM's and asking about their campaign style and approach to major enemies, min-maxing, or whatever is most important to you.
If you are interested in searching for a gaming group with a particular theme or style, I can transfer this to the LFG forums for you.
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Man, such dry responses! His post is funny, and if this is you, or even a LITTLE of you, and you're a GM… like the man says "some food for thought".
Roll20 Team
The Roll20 forums are meant for only the discussion of the software platform. Discussion of gaming technique and preference is disallowed here. As mentioned previously, it's best to be precise when using the Looking For Group system or forum to find a game with like-minded players/GM who play in the fashion that will be fun and fulfilling to your personal playstyle.