High Grit campaign. Seeking players for a every other sunday game played from 6pm to 9pm EST. Game is story line driven with a well balance between RP and combat. Party currently has 5 active players. Game is 18+ Mature players dealing with real world issues. Setting is based on Robert Howard's Conan. Party is currently exploring the Isle of Siptah.  The Argosseans have established a stronghold on the Isle and hold the princess and her half breed son of the Emperor of Argos ,Augustus I. The empire has set up what they are calling the Nesting Program, a program aimed to breed, train and brainwash generations of future workers and soliders. The party seeks to free the princess and her son as well as many children from the Nesting Progam before Elder Legette Essa and her zealot can produce more fodder for the legions of Argos.