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Tomes of Heroes From Kobold Press

I didn't know exactly where to put this thread, since it's not a bug or technical problem. I think! Yesterday I bought the module/compendium of Tomes of Heroes. It is quite disappointing at least in relation to the charactersheet: - The spells are not described correctly or not at all. Difficult to find out what they do. - The equipment is not taken over at all or badly from the background. The money is not added but only given as an item. - Skills and language are not included. - The background is also poorly described, at least the left side. No choice of languages! (See one point higher) Maybe there is more I have overlooked. I have a ticket to Roll20 and Kobolddress, waiting for an answer. Do you have the same problem? Or do you think I am overreacting?
so the compendium has some issues with the spell text appearing when going through the spells to select/deselect. However, if you are to look at the spells from the ingame compendium search bar, they appear with the proper text. Best I've found so far is copy/paste to fix any missing text within a few seconds. Super easy to fix atm, even if annoying. I also have the book, but I don't know what you mean by the backgrounds being poorly described, as you haven't mentioned what exactly your looking at. Do you have the actual book? the online copy via 20 doest have left or right side to the backgrounds. As to your mentioning of skills and languages not included, they're 100% in the book and written very well imo even if you arent seeing them appear correctly via charactermancer. Starting gold is also an option at starting and not always given out. That might be a part of your confusion about the gold? This book is designed for their Midgard setting so, there might be a few tweeks of adjustment to it all. I'm not sure on that part atm. Reading it over another 3 times, I'm pretty sure your just seeing the issue with the charactermancer while creating a character. They dont seem to translate into proper spell placements on the sheets eventhough the text may be there. They dont auto populate into attacks or saves on the first part of the 5e ogl sheet. This is a def issue with 20 and their sheets/charactermancer and not the kobold press