Hello everyone! I hope folks are having a great start to their weeks. First, brief apology for the late release note s , but here they are! We have a few announcements in addition to the release notes as well. PDFs on VTT As everyone may (or may not) know, our new PDF feature is in early access for Pro subscribers! Pro users can now upload PDFs and share them with players in their games. They are searchable and have working outlines. Pro users will also notice an increase in their storage limit to 8 GB. If you are a Pro user you can join the conversation and let us know what you think in the  Pro forum thread . We also have some documentation up on how this new feature works that anyone can check out! In-Journal PDFs on Roll20 Optimizing PDFs for Roll20 Suggestion & Idea Forum Policy Change Our Suggestions & Idea sub-forum remains a place brimming with new ideas to consider. However, the policy surrounding the sub-forum need some tweaking. Our product manager Ashton explains below: We last updated our policies on the Suggestions & Ideas forum in 2019, and 2019 feels like ancient history. A lot has changed in the world and at Roll20, and the Suggestions & Ideas forum has not changed to meet the evolving needs of our users (there are over 10 million of you now!) Since the last change to this forum, the Roll20 community has doubled in size, and nearly tripled in engagement. That has made our commitment to communicating on “suggestions with more than 200 votes” nearly impossible. We also haven’t closed topics that move into the Queued status, which we committed to doing in 2019. In 2022, it’s time to rethink and solidify what sustainable processes look like. As a suggestion continues to accrue votes and feedback from the community, the Roll20 team will respond as necessary. We pay particular attention to suggestions that have gained support quickly, those that are small quality-of-life enhancements, and those in the top 20 of all suggestions. If a suggestion is in the top 10, you can expect updates from staff in thread when the suggestion changes status. With this change, we’re excited about how we can use your feedback and communicate more effectively to make Roll20 an even better place to connect with your friends and play your games. In 2022, we’ve  promised to deliver  5 of the top 10 most voted Suggestions & Ideas as of their vote counts at the beginning of the year, so we look forward to posting in some of these threads soon! Our  Read First post for the Suggestions & Ideas  forum has been updated as well as our  Help Center article about Forum Voting  to reflect these changes. Release Notes Here is our summary of  previous releases -- July 29, 2022 PDF upload limit (currently in early access for Pro users) increased to 150MB PDF upload and virus scanning fixes applied July 27, 2022 PDFs are now in early access for Pro users. As a Pro user, you can upload PDFs and share with non-pro players you've invited to your games. You can directly upload or drag-and-drop your PDFs to the VTT when you are a GM in a game. PDFs are searchable, and you can share them with your players as a handout in your games. You can navigate through PDFs using the outline. Pro storage limit increased to 8 GB. For those who want to stay up to date, remember our  Change Log  is always updated as releases come. Have a great week everyone!