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[5e][LFP][$15] Ghosts of SaltMarsh abd The Seas beyond

This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $15 a Session through my StartPlaying Profile (links below). Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. Hello All, I want to offer a fun, flexible, story focused experience that welcomes all walks of life into a game where you help make the story and lead the adventure. My style of DMing is to use modules/pre-written stories to start the group on an adventure, and then to alter, mold, shift the tale to something that fits character backstories and player vibe. I am the sort of DM that alters rules/systems/narratives to better fit the groups I run, while still keeping a consistency within those groups. I have my own house rules and beliefs on how to run a solid game BUT, very open to cater to my players needs. I currently have a 2 spots open for 5e Ghosts of Salt Marsh I'd like filled in the near future. We are about to wrap up the adventure in the next month but will be continuing into a new adventure to continue the campaign after. Questions and Details can be Provided with Links but otherwise please read below and Reach out when you’re ready. DM: Basil Not The Herb/Joshua Pay-for-Play: $15 Dollars Through Start Playing, Secession 0 and 1 are Free. First bookings get Reduced Price &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; Tuesday- Saltmarsh and The Many Seas:&nbsp;<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>&nbsp; Run Time: 3-4 Hours Levels: Starting Level 5 Gameplay: Roleplay and story focuses/Second Life sim where Combat/adventure and leveling are a vehicle to you growing your character and their influence in the world. Where?: Roll 20 BUT follow this link to my Start Playing Profile to book me: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Players: 4-5
For todays bump i get to tell you something ive picked up that has been a life savor for me. Knowing how to read the room and throw in a last second monster. Thanks to so many tools out there and owning the r20 licenses,&nbsp; drag and dropping a large crawdad into the game when near a big fuck you lake under cave systems, is as easy as searching the environment, cr, and throwing the bitch in. Thank you 5e tools
So as this daily update, im experiencing&nbsp; something thats unintentionally hurting story sometimes. Of you have a famimiar or guidance or some means of interacting or assisting in thes story without your character being there, doesnt mean you always should. In my games im going to start putting a hard cap on guidance and what famimiars can do so that yall arent temptrd to use the system so often for a story focused game.
Something to remember when your playing in these games is to express above and ingame info. Sometimes what you think your doing in character is ok for a quick surprise to your team but that can have reverse side effects. If you know the limits and veils of your game yet you still go through with a plan without telling anyone, thenbyou may need to step back and be more clear (hey this isnt what im actually doing but...) and such.
With one more joining the adventure, will our heroes be able to fend off the smugglers, or become their latest victims.