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[LFP] [PAID] [D&D 5e] OR [AD&D 2e] [Beginners welcome] Professional DM from Gencon now available for sessions!

Action! Excitement! World breaking news!! All below!! Are you looking to learn Dungeons and Dragons but can't find a Dungeon master to trust? Or have you been looking to play in a game but it all seems too much of a fuss? Then my friend I invite you to take a look at Nerdbauchery Professional Dungeon Masters!! Ya know folks the reality is there are tons of D&amp;D gamemasters who all seem to be offering similar services so how do you really know that you are going to get an instructor/game master who really understands the game and can provide you and your friends or family with a quality session? In my opinion actions speak louder than words and we have worked hard to achieve and surpass the original goals we set for this company. My company; Nerdbauchery has been contracted by Peter Adkinson; founder of Wizards of The Coast and owner of Gencon; to be the only Dungeons and Dragons show on GenconTV home to the largest, longest running and most successful TTRPG convention in the world! We have also been trusted by legendary D&amp;D personality, writer and owner of Garycon Luke Gygax to run charity events for WWP where we raised over $1500 to help our former service members! And of course myself along with other members of my production company have not only been players in their games but have had the incredible honor to be the Dungeon Master for wonderful D&amp;D stars such as Stefan Pokorny, Anne Carlton, Luke Gygax, David Baxter and many more too many too list here. Our games are also sponsored by some of the most influential content and miniature creators in the world such as Reaper Miniatures, Troll Lord Games, Stattrackers, D&amp;D Creative Table Design and Magecraft Miniatures!! Playing with the greats has been an honor now we want the honor of mentoring and playing a session with you!! After all at the heart of it D&amp;D is about meeting new people and making new friends!! About me I am Tony owner of Nerdbauchery Production Studios and the DM of the Weekly GenconTV show Nerdbauchery Adventures. I have been playing D&amp;D since the early 80s! I have a love (my wife says an addiction lol) for D&amp;D and TTRPGs. I just love the fact that the internet now allows me to bring all those great experiences, memories and passion to all of you! I love building and designing my Dwarven Forge terrain layouts as well as writing and developing epic adventures for my players. Our livestream has been running for almost 2 years now allowing us to develop a system of presentation never before seen in virtual D&amp;D gaming!! Check out our video below to see for yourself!! Adventure Welcome to the picturesque village of Eveningstar, nestled at the foot of the Stonelands&nbsp;where the River Starwater &nbsp;winds down a gorge and snakes into the Kings Forest. Here, the Knights of Myth Drannor&nbsp;began their famous adventures. Here, the&nbsp; Ladies of the Brazen Blade , The&nbsp; Company of the Singing Sword , The&nbsp; Steel Shield Band , and many others came, clutching royal charters from King Azoun&nbsp;with the ink&nbsp;scarcely dry on the parchment. Some fell, some went on to greatness - but they all came here first: here, to the Haunted Halls. Despite numerous infiltrations, the Halls have not yet yielded all their secrets or treasures. Many dangers lurk as deadly as ever in dark chambers herein, awaiting new companies of eager-eyed adventurers. Is it your turn to dare The Haunted Halls? Many come, but few survive to again see Eveningstar's beauty. For further questions just send me a message here or on discord :&nbsp;Official Nerdbauchery Channel#1727 Game session demo this would not be your group but shows the quality of our sessions!!:&nbsp; <a href=";list=PL4eAdM-WHfQ5ARIJWGNjAkltFBaqSYRHZ" rel="nofollow">;list=PL4eAdM-WHfQ5ARIJWGNjAkltFBaqSYRHZ</a> Link to LFG listing - <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Platforms: &nbsp;Zoom/roll20/Twitch Age: &nbsp;18+ System: &nbsp;AD&amp;D 2e or 5e your choice Session Duration:&nbsp; 3 to 4 hours Schedule: Any day but Sunday I am available Material: &nbsp;I supply everything Session 0: &nbsp;Is free Payment:&nbsp; Paypal Infos that the player needs to provide :&nbsp; - Your name and any preferences - Your timezone - PC, Mic and internet quality - Your experience in Dungeons and Dragons 5e or 2e - Your expectations. What you want out of a game - Do you have any lore knowledge of the setting? This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $25 per person (Virtual)per session or $50 per person in person per session through Paypal. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements
We now have 2 players for our saturday AD&amp;D 2e game. We just had session 0 nad we have a Thief and a Ninja so far.
ALREADY HAVE PLAYERS FOR AD&amp;D 2E CAMPAIGN WANT 2 MORE!! Need to learn Dungeons and Dragons or just looking to play! Please take a look at Nerdbauchery Productions! Over these last few years we have smashed all the goals that we set for ourselves! From running our current weekly Nerdbauchery Adventures GenconTV show to DMing and participating in amazing charity drives with such greats in the industry such as Stefan Pokorny, Anne Carlton, Luke Gygax, Peter Adkinson, David Baxter, Elisa Teague and so many more too many to mention here! But what we have realized is the best place is right where we started and thats helping people to learn Dungeons and Dragons, run amazing sessions, make new friends in a safe and welcoming environment and of course have fun!!
We are now in session 3 of the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar! Come join us!