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finding character sheet statistics

Sheet Author
Is there any place/method that you can find character sheet usage statistics?  I am thinking of making some non compatible rule change updates to my custom sheet (Beacon) and was hoping to find some way of determining how many games were actually using the sheet.  Knowing this would help me decide how to implement the changes - either simply updating the sheet with the new system features or adding a new version or building a complicated in sheet update logic.  If its just a handful of games using the sheet as I suspect, it would be super helpful to know. I suppose I could pop in some kind of in sheet notification of the changes and wait for feedback (how long?), but honestly knowing the use statistics would be something very useful for sheet creators and pretty easy to find out on the system side I expect.
Richard W.
Sheet Author
API Scripter
I have been consodeting this as well, but not madr any attempts to figure out how. My first thoughts were things like Google Analytics, but havent actually looked into whether it would work.