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[LFP][OSR Knave: Vaults of Vaarn][Free][GMT] Wednesday 6-9pm


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Hello there&nbsp;- running a post-apocaplyptic setting game using Old School DnD rules called Knave (easy to use and learn). I am looking for players for a Sci Fi Fantasy setting called the Vaults of Vaarn. Times are in GMT. WELCOME&nbsp; TO VAARN The sun is dying and the wreckage of countless&nbsp; eons litters the parched wastes of Vaarn, the desolate&nbsp; country that common folk call the blue ruin.&nbsp; It is said that these sky-coloured sands hide the&nbsp; graves of the Autarchs; have swallowed the buried&nbsp; arcologies in which the true seed of humankind&nbsp; was preserved through the Great Collapse; conceal&nbsp; forgotten crypts of memory, decaying crystalline&nbsp; lattices of ancient ego-engines upon which&nbsp; the dusk-blue dunes encroach without pity. From&nbsp; the New Hegemony to the south come drifters&nbsp; and dreamers, desecraters of the tech-tombs&nbsp; that lie sunken beneath the azure wastes. Lightyears&nbsp; overhead, aurum-sailed ships ply their tender&nbsp; routes between the spheres, and miles below&nbsp; a pilgrim’s feet, strange wombs are kindled once&nbsp; more with life undreamed of. These are the hinterlands, where humanity’s great&nbsp; works have fallen to everlasting decay, where&nbsp; machine and animal and fungus think to crown&nbsp; themselves our equal. The phthalosands, where&nbsp; newbeasts hunt proudly with boots upon their&nbsp; hind paws and chromepriests chant unending binary&nbsp; devotions to their nameless synthetic god. Only the desperate or the mad would seek to&nbsp; make a life here, to roam the blue desert in search&nbsp; of the secret VAULTS OF VAARN. If you would like to know more about the amazing setting please check out the link:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> The game is going to be an experimental point/hex crawl using a number of adapted adventures from Ultra Violet Grasslands, Numenera, Mutant Epoch, Barbarians of a Shattered Earth, Crystal Frontier and other weird sci fi fantasy settings as well conversions of Ennie award winning OSR adventures. I am also running a Shadowrun game using the same rules set (Knave hack called HTML) and I am always on the lookout for new players for that too! New and old players welcome!
This game is open to New D&amp;D players who are hoping to learn how to play as well as old players who feel they are experts and want to try something different!&nbsp;
Got two players and still looking for more!
Hello there! I guess I am lucky to bump into this post, because in the last 4 years I have been looking for a game just like this one. I would love to join if you are still in need of players. (I am in GMT+2/+3, but I can adapt if needed.) Cheers! R.H ps: I am not a robot. How ironic?
Awesome - DM me on Discord at HishamT#0197 and I can share more details about the game! Thanks!
Due to popular demand - I am also putting up the Shadowrun/Knave hack game details as well: S hadowrun HTML - High Tech, Miserable Life Open slots: 3 System: Black Hack/Knave (will teach, it's free ;) Campaign setting: Shadowrun&nbsp; Hoi Chummer! Welcome to Gnomon the City of Neon Bazars where everything and anything can be bought, salvaged and sold! The Corporations, the Water Board, the Tech-guilds and the Ship Breaking Unions are all vying for control and influence in the frontier city on the edge of the Blue Desert! Have you got what it takes to make a living and a killing in these dire times?&nbsp; This is Shadowrun in a Frontier City on the Badlands! If you want to join a crew that can earn some Shins/Woolongs/Credits and stick it good to the Corporate Suits - then welcome to HTML! Method: Online Discord, Roll20. When: Wednesday 6-9pm UK GMT