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Character sheet appearing behind token action buttons, player avatars, left hand menu etc

I seem to remember that the character sheet used to appear at the front of everything  so it was easily available, recently it seems to be between the map and the token actions, player avatars, the left hand menu and the map zoom menu, making it difficult to actually use the character sheet.  Pop out the character sheet and you can't have it visible while testing things using token actions etc. If this change is something you intend to keep is there any way you can make it that we can choose whether the character (and handouts etc) appear behind or in front of the other menu items. I've attached a screenshot so you can see the problem.
There  also seems to be a problem with the font formatting.  I used to be able to use the Zoom Text Only function on Firefox which would increase the font size, and the spacing accordingly in the chat box and the Attributes and Abilities page of the character sheet.  This meant I could have the chat box at a reasonable size not taking up half the map area, while still being able to have the text at a size that was large enough for me to read (I am partially sighted).  Currently everything seems to be getting scrunched up when i use the Zoom Text Only option, making it almost unreadable. Again a screen shot is attached to show the problem I will add the character sheet itself never worked with the Zoom Text Only option but the chat box and Attributes and Abilities page did previously.

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This screen shot shows how much the text size would have to be zoomed in to make it legible, but as you can see the menu icons above the chat box are then messed up. This used to work, which is why i am assuming it is a bug, nor a design choice to limit access by reducing the accessibility of the site to those of use with disabilities such as limited vision.
THIS was mentioned enough times already and I already filed a help center request about it... Not only did I not get an answer to this, it seems the devs are IGNORING this topic completely!
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Hi Oenanthe! This has been reported a number of times in other threads. The dev team is currently developing an interface overhaul, and this behavior appeared a while back. Although the current situation is not ideal, it doesn't make play impossible (just slightly annoying), so it is probable that the effort in fixing it would be wasted time, since the interface is slated for deprecation anyway. A "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic" sort of effort. As for the magnification problem, I would definitely report that in this thread , along with your screenshots. It is currently being monitored by the dev team and is likely an accessibility issue raised by recent changes.
Thanks for the replies and I'll certainly add it to that thread, i must have missed the others on the position of the character sheet, things went all flaming pink on the forums recently and other issues seemed to get buried. The issue of the sheet being behind everything may not be bad for many people who can get a way with zooming out more, but when you can barely see any of it it is really annoying.
I thought that thread was just for the Pink issues, not for general UI ones.  Made the post over there regardless.
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The CSS update affected a lot more than just increasing the amount of pink. Many things were changed. It was just the amount of pink that most found objectionable.
keithcurtis said: The CSS update affected a lot more than just increasing the amount of pink. Many things were changed. It was just the amount of pink that most found objectionable. the fact that this is STILL the case and also that there is nothing on "the Portal" mentioning this I do NOT feel this is going to change anytime soon!
This is super annoying... I can't believe it still haven't been fixed. Are they even reading the bug reports?!? -.-
I have a feeling they are rather swamped with the Flaming Pink reports.  I really hope they bring the character sheet back to the front sometime in the near future, its currently driving me nuts trying to do anything on it, i'm constantly increasing the map zoom or activating token actions when I try and alter something on a character sheet.
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I am experiencing the partially-hidden character sheet problem as well. Please Fix