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[Traveller 2e] [Online] [Campaign] [Sun Nights PST 7 pm-10 pm] [Paid, $10]


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On the Desert Agro-world of Djinayni, a Time-Lost starship from the past holds the key to the Future. "Intro to&nbsp; Traveller ® &nbsp;(Mongoose) 2e: Space &nbsp;Opera Intrigues in&nbsp;' The Aurin Cluster™' " Traveller ® &nbsp; is the Original RPG of Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future. Hover Cars, Laser Carbines, Titanic Space Battles over a multitude of exciting alien worlds against intriguing alien races.&nbsp; Alien beasts that defy description.&nbsp; A Galaxy of Challenge awaits.&nbsp;&nbsp; Welcome to Traveller ® . Genre:&nbsp; Space Opera in the 55th century , "The Aurin Cluster" Current Player Count: 2/ (5 Max) &nbsp;Players.&nbsp; Gaming Platforms Used: Roll20 and Discord. Language Used for Play: &nbsp;English.&nbsp; Game/System: &nbsp;Traveller 2nd Ed (Mongoose). Visuals: Game starts in Late August. Pre-generated&nbsp;characters will be available, but I encourage players to generate and personalize their own characters. I will work with the group to make characters &amp; teach the system, at no cost, until we start the full campaign. Prep Notes: Players will need a mic,&nbsp; Discord, and a quiet environment. &nbsp; Cameras are optional, but not required. All online character sheets and virtual dice used are on roll20. What I provide : I &nbsp;have a huge cast of non-player characters, atmospheric sound, lore, and digital maps, along with 46 years as a Traveller® Referee. The LFG Listing:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> [ VVV&nbsp; Sign Up for the Campaign Here&nbsp; VVV ] <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> This game will require payment to the Referee at a rate of USD $10 via Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. CREDITS &amp; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: "The Traveller® game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises. Copyright 1977 - 2022 Far Future Enterprises.&nbsp; Trademark used here with permission." "The Aurin Cluster™" is a Trademark of Digital Moon Books. Copyright 2016-2022. &nbsp;

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Still in pre-Game, setting up for this to run in Late August.&nbsp; Generating a character using the lifepath system is recommended, but for those who want to just get started, INSTANT BOOK, I have some interesting suggested, pre-approved Traveller Pre-Generated characters, tied into the Aurin Cluster ™ &nbsp;Campaign Setting, ready to go: Initiate Syka Arish - Esper Clairvoyant, from an artic colony world. Identified by testing at a young age with Esper potential. Suffers from persistent and terrifying nightmares, from a past encounter on an exotic, alien world. Abeba Dogo - Orphaned at a young age in a Taxxu attack, has wandered space alone, taking odd jobs, living hand-to-mouth in slums on poor worlds, moving from port, to port, looking for whatever work she can find.&nbsp; Was recently working as a ship salvager, but that job ended in disaster, and she is looking for a new opportunity. Experienced Free Trader Captain Lars Johansen - Has had mixed luck throughout his career, and has been embroiled in legal trouble multiple times in the past.&nbsp;&nbsp;A series of bad deals forced him into bankruptcy, but retaining his ship. He paid out shares to his former crew, cut them loose, salvaged what he could, and is seeking a return to the star lanes, remembering the days when he was living the high life before the war forced him out of the Taranga Nebula to come to the Varala Drift Subsector. Republic Naval Commander Norishige Noguchi (Ret.) - A smart, accomplished pilot, who studied Physics, and Astrophysics, at the Republic Naval Academy, where he graduated with Honors. He has multiple enemies shadowing him, from his Naval Service, where he did not let crimes aboard ship go unpunished. Space Marine Sergeant Estelle Terson - Spent 12 years in the Republic Navy as a Space Assault Marine, multiple campaigns including a dangerous assault on an enemy Ground Fortress. Her career went as expected until a recon mission went wrong and she was stranded behind enemy lines and forced to survive multiple months in the wilderness.&nbsp; When she was recovered by a friendly Scout ship, she reported back to base and was ejected from the Marines, without Pension. She has spent the better part of the last 12 years as an Asteroid miner, and Deep Space Salvage Expert, carefully selecting High-Risk / High Reward gigs to build for retirement.&nbsp; Dr. Ted Freeman - A renowned Planetologist, and field researcher.&nbsp; Very fit at age 43. Recently divorced, his children are in college. He upended his life,&nbsp; and came to the Varala Drift, seeking adventures on the Frontier.&nbsp; &nbsp; Lately, he has been spending way too much personal time in seedy spaceport bars.&nbsp; Retired Senior Scout Damon King - Has Traveled to over a hundred worlds and moons during his time as a Scout Explorer, including time on the fringes of charted space, including living on Alien worlds.&nbsp; People who know him say that he's spent too much time out in the Deep Black, and he has obviously lost some of his humanity.&nbsp; Lady Angel Snape - Her reign of an unimportant world was acclaimed by all as being fair and wise. Over time, she manipulated and charmed her way through high society. Gaining many powerful allies, but also Rivals who want her dead.&nbsp; She cashed out the majority of her investments, disguised herself, and left leadership of her fief to her brother, so that she can travel, free of responsibility. Med Tech Tina McLaren.&nbsp; Trained as an Exobiology Specialist, applied to the Scout Service, and was accepted.&nbsp; Cross-trained in Field Medicine. She then was involved in an incident where an alien device was recovered, she advanced in her career, and was given the use of a Scout ship on detached duty, She mustered out with a pile of credits, and remains in the Scout Reserves service, where she can be called upon for duty. She is seeking steady paying work.&nbsp;&nbsp; Diplomat 3rd Secretary Mittie Adams - University Educated Linguist, Spent 4 years in the Republic Diplomatic Service, but she was bored with the piles of paperwork, and meetings.&nbsp; Going in a new direction, seeking edgy experiences.
More to come: robots, synthetics,&nbsp; etc.
Still looking for players for this. Session zero is going to be this Sunday.