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Organising purchases ?

Is it possible to create foldes for purchases ? 
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Hi The GateKeeper! What kind of purchase? Art packs? They are usually just self-contained in their own Marketplace folders. To move them into a My Art Library folder would require downloading them and re-uploading them. Actually, if you have the storage space, there are some other advantages to doing that, since Mod Scripts cannot access the Marketplace. Some folks do the download/upload route so they can change token faces with purchased art.
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Eugene D. said: Can anyone help me How do I create a folder to store documents? Hi Eugene! Could you be a little more specific? What kind of documents? Journals or PDFs in your journal tab? Art assets in your Art Library?
He may be talking about the Add Game Addon dropdown when you go in to try and add an add-on content to your existing game. I was trying to look in mine and I noticed (not for the first time but most recent time) that if there is any kind of sorting to it, I don't know what it is because it seems to just be completely randomly sorted. It's not by purchase date. It's not alphabetical. I have no idea how its sorted. But it is (mildly) frustrating because you have to sit there scanning the list of your stuff (which for long-term DM's like me, is a substantially long list) to try to find the add-on you want to add to the game you're working on. Please, Roll20 devs, please for the love of gaming, please sort that drop down alphabetical at least. :-) -virtuadept
Thanks to all. I was talking about marketplace purchases. That creates a long list of non alphabetical folders. Impossible to create folders to divide them. The list is too long ...
Yes can we please be able to put higher level folders in the purchases list. I would love to divide the below into things like Desert etc. Or at least splitting tokens to their own folder. As it is I get the below that basically immediately scrolls off the bottom of the list and requires me to remember exactly what Aaron's Map Tiles are for?
+1  This is one of my biggest peeves also.  I have reached the point where I cannot purchase any more marketplace items until I can organize what I currently have.  I would like to be able to delete unwanted items, create folders of like purchases, and organize purchases into type: tokens, maps, etc.
Erik S.
Marketplace Creator
+1 At the very least the same categories that exist on the marketplace itself should be in our purchase lists.
John P
KS Backer
This. Plus allowing us to put our own tags on assets or sets of assets so we can find them with keyword searches.  This is essential to make sure there aren't diminishing returns to investing in assets on Roll20.