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Moving Grouped Tokens/Text

I realize this is beating a dead horse, as similar issues have been ongoing for years, but... Even when clicking on the grouped tokens first, releasing, then clicking again to drag and move the group, grouped tokens do not reliably stay in relative position with each other.  Further, even using Ctrl-Z does not reliably move the group back to their starting positions - some are often still out of place, and the group must be ungrouped to fix the positioning before grouping again.

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Yep, same issue. I tend to avoid grouping tokens when possible, or I select as close to the center of the group as possible. Sorry for your troubles, I can certainly empathize. :(
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It is absolutely "quirky" to be generous. Once you get used to the intent, it's easier to manage, and even more powerful than a normal group command. But they don't rotate well, and snapping can have unexpected effects. I tend to do as Dr. VB, and rarely use the function.