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War of the Burning Sky Compendium

Hi all, I'm Starting a new Campaign using War of teh burning sky. I can't affors to buy the full campaign all at once, so I started buying the first adventure (Scouring of Gate pass) on the market place. One question though, it looks like there's no compendium included. On the market place it says that if you buy the full bundle, there's compendium included. Is it so ? No compendium if you buy one adventure at a time (which finally would be a little more expensive than to buy the bundle) ? Thanks for you answer if you have any idea. Best.
Hi, I'm not familiar with that setting/product, but looking into the product I couldn't find mention of a "compendium" anywhere, not even in the "Player's Guide / Campaign Guide". Have you ran a quick google search to see if the product actually had a compendium? I'm sure a forum champion will know better than me though :)
In this page, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> it says that there's integration with the 5e compendium. But only on the bundle page...
You're right, I've missed that o.O Maybe worth DMing whoever has developed the product and ask them directly, why you wait for an answer here ^.^
Brian C.
Marketplace Creator
Compendium Curator
Sorry for the confusion. That may not have been the best phrasing to use. Whenever a spell, item, or some other significant object from the compendium is mentioned in a handout, the handout links to the compendium entry. This entry from one of the other products is probably more clear. and cross-linked handouts &nbsp;place characters, dice rolls, and the&nbsp; 5e Compendium &nbsp;a mere click away
Yes I saw that,&nbsp; the only thing is for the campaign specific objects,&nbsp; spellers,&nbsp; or archetypes,&nbsp; those are not drag-n-droppable,&nbsp; or usable in charactermancer for example, that's a little annoying and time consuming to adapt when needed.&nbsp;&nbsp;