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5E Resting in Style setting HP to 1st level HP max for 3rd level character.

Hello, I have a 3rd level character with a 5E OLG sheet that gets their HP set to 7 instead of 15 when using Resting in Style's !long-rest command. 7 HP was the character's 1st level HP max. I have leveled up twice using the charactermancer. What is bizarre is the token HP gets set to 15 and the output shows the correct amount of health added to get to 15 but the character sheet health field goes back to 7 HP. I've looked through all of the attributes on my sheet and I'm just baffled as to why this is happening. Overall it isn't a big deal I can manually update the Sheet HP and any change to the Token HP updates the Sheet HP, it's just odd. Thanks!
Forum Champion
Could you try running your game without any extensions? I wonder if one of them is interfering. 

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Thanks Gauss. This is embarrassing... so I turned off all of my API Scripts except for the 5E OLG Sheet Companion and 5E Resting in Style and testing the !Long-Rest function. It worked as it should. So I went about enabling all of my API's one at a time and testing and... I couldn't reproduce the earlier results. I even tried running it as a player instead of a GM. Still worked as intended. For now, I'll just chalk it up to some random oddity. Thanks!
Forum Champion
Glad you got it resolved. The API scripts can sometimes get an error that really only resetting them can fix. So it sounds like you did exactly that. :)
I've had this happen twice in my games, but for me both times were when I as GM used !Long-Rest on the players' characters between session (The party had camped at the end of the last session and I was trying to speed things up for the start of the next one). I've since avoided doing that and the problem hasn't repeated.