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[Help] UDL Passwall no longer working?

I've been a big fan of "The Aaron" (in general and) with regard to UDL Passwall . Unfortunately, when looking for news on the script, all I can find from Google or Roll20's search is his original post and maybe a topic from a year ago. It appears that this handy tool for creating doors is no longer functioning. Is the community simply waiting for Roll20's Development team to catch up with their own replacement? They did a great job with transparent and one-way viewing, so I'd welcome it, but for now  I need to think of some kind of a solution for Saturday's dungen crawl.
UDL was recently updated to allow for true windows (transparent walls) and one-way walls, which broke the code that was being used as workaround hack for API scripts to do things like UDLPasswall and UDLWindows. I’m not sure if a hidden wall such as what UDL creates is in the roadmap.  The good thing about native windows and one-way walls is that it also allows for Plus subscribers to use them instead of just Pro subscribers. 
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
Boo.  Looks like the hack we were using is for walls that block vision but not movement has been broken now. =(
I agree with The Aaron, "Boo".
I was just looking for something that allowed this. I echo the "Boo".