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Question on Twins

Nick O.
Forum Champion
I'm using this version of the Mod&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I'm connecting two unrelated tokens - I have a PC token (connected to the PC's character sheet) on one map, and a Zombie token (connected to the 5e Zombie character sheet) on the other. (I'm doing a Scarecrow Fear Gas sort of scenario, where one PC thinks the other PCs have been turned into undead). I'm struggling to understand how properties get copied from one token to another. I've seen it happen where, when running !twins PCTokenID ZombieTokenID the PC's attributes get copied to the Zombie token (which is what I want), but I've also seen it happen where the Zombie's properties get copied to the PC (which is bad). Is there a trick to ensure that the PC's attributes are always the one copied? Do I need to set the Zombie token to Represents: None or anything like that? Thanks in advance!
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
Hi Nick! The way Twins works is that if either twin is modified, all properties from the modified one are copied to the other one.&nbsp; That means if you move the zombie token, it would copy all it's properties onto the player one.&nbsp; It shouldn't copy until the first change, so I would say run the twins command, then move the player token to force an update to the zombie token, then everything should just be the same.
Nick O.
Forum Champion
Thanks, Aaron! And thanks for making another fantastic script! :)