Hey folks, happy Friday! Release Notes Here is our summary of  previous releases -- August 26, 2022 Changing the color of the token bar overlay now updates the color without requiring a refresh or token movement. Fixed an issue where token bar overlay and nameplates were visible through Fog of War. Fixed an issue with uploading a new PDF or image assets via drag-and-drop. Fixed an issue preventing token names and bars from being seen on pages with dynamic lighting enabled while multiple tokens were selected. Fixed an issue which required players with control over a token to also have “see” enabled in order to see the token bar overlay. For tokens on the dynamic lighting layer, token bar overlay is no longer visible while on other layers. Token bar overlay for tokens on the GM layer now match the transparency of the tokens. August 25, 2022 A new option to show token nameplate and bar overlay on hover is now in the Settings tab under Graphics on the VTT. Fixed a contrast issue with VTT Night Vision Effect input. Fixed visual tab selection issue when in token settings. Fixed an issue where users who were subscribed but their subscription ended still had Restricted Movement enabled. Fixed an issue where token marker flyout was not remaining open after a selection. Fixed an issue where mod (API) vision and directional lighting were not updating unless saved by opening the token manually. August 22, 2022 Fixed an issue where short descriptions were not dragging & dropping onto the Pathfinder 2e NPC sheet. Fixed an issue where animal handling skill details were not getting added to the D&D 5e sheet when dragging & dropping monsters. Hovering over expandable sections within Game Settings should now use a darker color The "Content" "Looking for Players" and "Settings" button now have an outline for their location For those who want to stay up to date, remember our  Change Log  is always updated as releases come. Hope weekends are full of great loot and f un for all!