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Parentheses, how do they work?

In regards to '@variables' and squiggly braces.

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An attribute is called by @{attribute name} A ( ) is usually used for order of operations So for example... @{dexterity}+(@{willpower}/10) would mean willpower would get divided FIRST.
Thanks! I just wasn't sure on before or after the '@' symbol.
In the character sheet it is @{name}, but I think in game if you type @ and the first letter (like @d) it will pop up with options like @dexterity...which in turn will turn to @{dexterity}. You have to type the whole thing (ACCURATELY!) in the character sheet HTML code.
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One other thing I discovered, if you are using a calculated field that references other calculated fields, you will want to put parentheses around the calculated field, because the new calculated field brings over the calculation and not just the value of that calculation...that can be a pain to troubleshoot.
Oh's turtles all the way down isn't it?