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Keep Getting Logged Out of Roll20 Mid-Edit


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Hi, This is a recent thing, maybe a month or so. I've been ignoring it but as it's not gone away I'm now reporting it. I'm updating my campaign, been at it a while, go to open an NPC or handout and instead I get a Roll20 login form in that window. Regardless of me logging back in, it is then broken i.e. the NPC/handout does not come back, and I have to exit Roll20 and come back in. I'm using the latest version of Firefox: It's pretty locked-down using NoScript, although I enable all the scripts required to run for Roll20 (I do usually disable google analytics as it's completely useless ... but I have also tried with it enabled, without sucess): Have Roll20 started using 3rd-party cookies or trackers (!) to monitor/expire logins? That's about the only thing I can think of that might be causing this, due to my privacy settings: Please let me know if anyone else is having any similar issues or you have any suggestions. NB: I used to use Chrome for Roll20 but it became pretty-much unusable so I switched to Firefox. Thanks, Manny.
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Hi Manny! That's good data, but if you also collect a Console Log ( Chrome ,  Firefox ) from the time this happens and file a  Help Center Request , you'll create a ticket for actual dev help and give them the info they need to try and figure out what's going on.
Thanks Keith, I will do that if I get nowhere here, but for now I wanted to check with the community and see if anyone else is experiencing the same issues or has any thoughts on workarounds.