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Not possible to drag to Macro Bar ?


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It seems that i can't drag any attack or competence from the sheet to the macro bar at the bottom of my screen anymore ? Is it only me ?
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In a quick test, it seems to still work for me.  What sheet are you using?  I know some of the older sheets were written before the macro quick bar existed, and the roll buttons weren't written in the way required for that functionality to work.
Lionel V. said: It seems that i can't drag any attack or competence from the sheet to the macro bar at the bottom of my screen anymore ? Is it only me ? For me on the 5E OGL sheet from Roll20, I need to drag the attack at the bottom of the character sheet to have it appear on the bottom of the screen. I don't recall what the behavior was before they made the sheet go under the UI weeks ago, but that's how it's been behaving for me over the past few weeks. Which sheet are you having issues with? o.O
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Yup. They changed this behavior when they introduced new character sheet technology as part of designing for the mobile app. It's been "drag to the bottom of the sheet" for a year or more(?). It can be kind of finicky, and frankly, I prefer the old method. But apparently this was necessary to get other things to exist.

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I'm using the 5e ogl sheet and I've been using the drag and drop before with no issue, but yesterday it was not working. I see the message at the bottom of the sheet saying to drag at the bottom etc... But when I release the attack I'm dragging, nothing happens... Will try again today, tried to refresh a few times yesterday with no luck.. But reading your messages  it seems that it's only me...  Edit I finally made it. You really have to go at the bottom of the sheet, just between BELOW the dragging text and the bottom of the sheet window... You have about 2 or 3 pixels to find the right place to drop the atk or comp you want to appear at the bottom. If your screen....  It's so finicky (as you said Keith) that it could be a good idea to rethink it as they did for the drag and drop case from compendium.. Something like you can drop it as soon as the bottom bar appears....  Anyway thx for your time