I've got some experience from a LOOONG time ago with RuneQuest when it was still an Avalon Hill game and came in a small cardboard box.  I recently picked up the new hotness - RuneQuest Glorantha  -- and I'm interested in taking that game for a test drive.   I'm also interested in Mythras - which was formerly called RuneQuest V6.   Both games are d100 systems - and are considerably crunchier than D&D 5e.  Also, unlike D&D you character actually has a reasonable possibility of dying if you try to murder hobo your way through the game.  So, caveat emptor.   Anyway - I'm just trying to gauge interest at this point.  I already run two other games, so I'd rather not GM for this.  I'm kinda hoping that someone else with deeper familiarity with the rules could take the lead - but if there's a group of players who are interested and I'm the only GM option, I'd be willing to run something short (say 4-6 sessions total) and then the group could discuss what comes next.   I'm in the US on the Eastern Time Zone, and best days to play are probably Mon, Tues, or Fri nights.  Willing to discuss times.   Drop a response in this thread if you are interested and we'll see what kind of response there is.