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Allow Players on Different Pages at the Same Time + Interactive Linking between Pages + Offline Backup


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Hello everyone. I have seen some elements in my post suggested elsewhere whilst I didn't see the main idea suggested yet, so please feel free to point me to the other threads if they already exist. I'd like to see a feature where players could be active on multiple pages at once. The GM could set certain pages to be moved to freely or through an interactive element on a map so that players could independently move to the other page when they interact with it. I can see a wide variety of applications for this on, for example, multi-layer dungeon/building/house maps. With permissions correctly set, this could also prevent several groups of players to see each other's content when one would log in during another's session in a multi-group campaign. The main reason for these requests is that I run different instances of my homebrew campaign, and whenever I design and implement something in campaign A, having to transfer everything without folder structure or other structures like permissions broken to campaign B is a time-consuming chore. I'd like to be able to merge all groups into one campaign, but I fear that things might get spoiled if someone logs in during the other group's session. I could warn against this and set reminders for dates and times, but accidents can happen. I'd much rather have Group B be redirected to their title screen page when I'm in session with Group A. Edit: Oh, and I'd like the ability to keep an offline backup of my campaigns. Preferably in a format where I could edit information offline as well. Just in case. Let me know what you think!
I think it's an amazing idea.  I mean, it wouldn't hurt, right? And that offline backup would be a godsend. Sometimes I'm away and wish I could edit stuff without internet access when I suddenly get an inspiration or something.
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