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Random Map & Encounter Generator

What everyone seems to have noticed is the lack of GMs in comparison with the number of players. When I tried running a game, I found it simply took a lot of time setting up-too much time compared to hand drawing. With a quick google search, there are plenty of random map generators. I think it would certainly help more people become GMs and DMs if a random map generator could be incorporated which would create the background and set each corridor and room on an appropriate page. Even without placing monsters or items, it would save me so much time if this were created. If the backgrounds could be created this easily, I'm sure more people would be willing to become GM. I'm not sure how well this is needed by other tabletops other than D&D, but hopefully it will make roll20 even better.
A lot of it has to do with the prep time. I'm thinking once we start finishing complete modules ahead of time, the set up time can be very short. I find setting up the encounter completely, and I mean every token with a hidden HP bar and defenses, macro'd attacks for every situation, player tokens with their stats, etc. its just a matter of a click or two and next encounter is ready. It just takes a lot of time to set it up, and well, we are all noobs with the program so far right? What is nice, is once you set up a few things once, its set up forever, and each encounter afterwards just gets easier and faster to make.
Also this. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>