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Token Bar Change

I recently noticed a change in the token bar behavior and can't find an indicator in the change log when this changed, but it is causing me some issues.  I realize most of the community is D&D, I am not.  I am at Roll20 because it is supposed to be system agnostic allowing many other games to use the same platform.  In my game tokens have 3 resources and resource usage counts up, to your limit, not down to 0.  The problem is that I just realized that in cases where a player has a limit of 0 for a particular resource (which doesn't happen all the time, but is not super rare) the bar will no longer appear.  It used to be that if a player or NPC had a limit of 0, and they attempted to use the resource (typing any amount of usage into the popup ball) the bar would pop up over the token, showing full, with the number 1/0 in the bar, which was our warning that hey, you have overspent / spent it all.  Now, nothing happens.  See the picture below.  The blue resource shows having used 1 of 8.  Which shows 1 / 8 in the bar (as expected) and the bar is 1/8th full (as expected).  The yellow resource shows having used 1 of 1.  The bar is 100% full, and the text shows that all of the yellow resource has been used (1 /1).  However, the red bar in this case the NPC has none of that resource.  The token when you open it up shows having used 1 of 0, but there is no bar.  Therefore there is no text in the bar, and it does not show that you have a full bar with 1/0 used.  So there is no warning that the player of NPC has overspent. Can we please have the behavior back where the bar appears any time a number is typed in for usage, regardless of what the limit is set to?  I'm not sure if this behavior was intentional or accidental.  
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Hi Michael! This is a known and recent issue that is being worked on. You can see more details here .
Keith:  Thanks for the information.  I honestly went looking for details on this in case it was a known issue before I reported.  You are always so aware and on the spot with your updates.  Not sure how you do it, but I appreciate it.  I will go back to being patient now.  It is a known issue, they will work it, it will get fixed eventually.  In the mean time, I guess no bar is our indication that "hey, something up, perhaps you should investigate".  Not ideal, but it will work until they get this fixed.