Hello and welcome to this weeks Friday release notes! To start, we made an important announcement in our bug report sub forums regarding issues we've seen reported in the past few days and weeks. Within this we outline some priorities we have with addressing these issues as it stands-- for more detailed information please see the post directly:  Memory Errors and Token Bar Issues Within this post there are three main issues we are focused on: Memory errors. As of 9/8/2022 we pinpointed that the issue is specific to an update to the Chrome browser. These issues do not occur on versions lesser than 103.0.5060.0.  Please read the post directly for a more detailed breakdown . Token bar issues stem from a release two weeks ago where we updated the token bar overlay to utilize HTML/CSS -- This enables great features in the future and should improve token performance. This also enabled fulfilling a  big ask from users in the form of displaying token bars on hover . We have a list of known issues and ones already solved in the  more detailed post . Lastly is an issue unrelated to token bars in the form of "phantom tokens" -- these previously were present, invisibly, on the VTT. However, with the recent update, these tokens are ending up with bars which causes some visual clutter. The issue itself is not caused by the update but does need a fix. A more detailed breakdown of the issue is (again) available on the  announcement post . Now, on to our release notes. Release Notes As usual, you can find our full summary of previous release on our  change log . September 6, 2022 GMs can now hide messages sent by themselves and players in chat. This also hides them from the chat archive. Fixed an issue causing token lag when using Fog of War. For those who want to stay up to date, remember our  Change Log  is always updated as releases come. Have a gre a t weekend of gaming everyone!