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Pathfinder 2e Kingmaker AP Coming to Roll20?


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As the title asks, I'm wondering if the new crowdfunded campaign will be coming to Roll20. I'm not looking forward to creating all of the maps and filling out monster sheets. Edit: Thanks for the helpful replies!
According to "The future of Roll20 con" twitch stream (from about half a year ago), it will be avaliable at launch. Besides, it is converted to d&d 5e as well, so the chances it won't be avaliable are pretty low.

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It WILL be, just not sure Roll20 is on time with the massive page count.  5th Ed will just get Monster conversion and a bit of advise on how to convert the AP to 5th Ed, thats it. Its been noted at Paizocon a few months ago and GENCON last Month. Roll20 per their usual MO for Pathfinder 2nd Edition and Starfinder (Not 5th Ed so no one needs to know...) says nothing themselves on 99% upcoming Paizo products, but pretty sure they will loose the last of their fast shrinking PF II GM's and Players if they pull a fast one and don't deliver on this, as well as Paizo's trust I just bet!! If its a bit late not a problem as its a massive release * Main book 640 Pages, double of the original PF I AP in their 6 book AP * Kingmaker Companion Guide 128 pages * Kingmaker Bestiary for 5th Ed, 160 pages covering 140 monsters ? Kingmaker bestiary for PF I 160 pages ? PF II Pawn Box set ? River Kingdom Ruins Flip Map Multipack ? Noble Manor Flip Map Multipack ? Campsite Flip Map  Multipack ? Kingmaker Poster Map Map Folio ? Kingmaker Kingdom Tracker The ? is unknown if Roll20 will do those or not Tom
Well its up on preorder for Roll20 and on the Paizo site, not sure why we did'nt get an official thread here yet sadly??  SIGH Tom
Tom said: Well its up on preorder for Roll20 and on the Paizo site, not sure why we did'nt get an official thread here yet sadly??  SIGH Tom Wasn't there always a big announcement for all the 5E content that is available for Pre-Order? 

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Indeed there usually is, but ya know, its not 5th Ed (for the most part) so........   I think once D & D 1 hits and they see their base diminish here, Paizo should get a lot more traction.  I mean its not as dire as some say but its also not going to be a small thing either as some would have you think.  Its going to hurt Roll20, have no doubt about that for their flagship game system here, and that should leave a nice gap they will need to fill and finally fully flesh out.  IF Foundry has not swallowed up the rest of the loose GM's and player base by then, still searching for their key VTT to use as their go to platform.  And many of those will be new Players and GM's who are first sticking their toes in the VTT waters, unlike the grizzled vets like us, LOL :) Tom