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[HELP] How to automatically deactivate full-screen-shared content after a defined time?

I am looking for a Mod that automatically deactivates full-screen-shared content by the GM after a defined time. Either a Journal-entry shared through "Show to Players" - "Show to Everyone" or a token/picture shared through CTRL-Z (all done by the GM). Ideally they would disappear after a defined time (e.g. 15 seconds). Background: I often use Roll20 in TTRPGs in-presence sessions and share the view of one player through a projector or on a screen. Deactivating these shown items on a second screen is something I would like to avoid doing manually. Are there any ideas how to do this with a Mod?
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Hi Ralph! Unfortunately, these features are GUI features and cannot be affected by the API. Closing a Ctrl-Z feature for a player cannot be affected by GM or Mod interaction either. Each player dismisses their own instance. Likewise with sharing a handout. If it's open on a player screen, it cannot be closed by external action, even if you delete the handout entirely. However... There is a new feature introduced this week that can hide posts in the chat. If you were to expose the graphic in the chat, you could hide it (manually, at this point in time) from all players instantly, by clicking the little three-dot menu button next to it.
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I'd like to see the Hotkey Control-Shift-Z in the hands of the GM to remove pop-ups from the screen. By the way I lobbied for the "Z" to show graphics long ago in the early days of Roll20, and people were asking for an Un-Pop command all the way back then. We're talking like almost 10 years ago. The original Dev named Riley made the "Z" work in the first place. It'd be great to see this feature revisited and improved. It's very powerful as a GM web-display tool.