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Firefox refuses to load map tonight.....

no changes in configuration compared to usual game nights... but firefox refuses to load maps at all.....
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Hmm. But it loads in other browsers? How about a FF private browsing window?
works in private. cleared cache in normal but i just see the grid.... and nothing else...

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Private also disables any/all extensions.  Maybe one of your browser extensions got an update that is messing with things?  Also, if you are using NoScript (or something similar), be sure to check to see if it is blocking something that is needed for vtt.  As they (Roll20) update new layers of services get added sometimes and need to be allowed in any script blocking extensions.
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Hi Lionel! Kraynic has it. My reason for asking about private browsing is for checking extensions and for cache and cookies. You can try flushing the cache and deleting cookies. As for the extensions, start with the obvious ones first: NoScript, Ad blockers, VPN, Spam filters, that sort of thing. You may need to whitelist some services.
Thx for your answers. I don't any ad blocker or other extensions. I have acceleration on (tried off as well with no luck)  No update in the browser was announced and what puzzles me it's that it worked in the afternoon, and then the map was 'it uploading at all. I just saw the grid, and it was also impossible to navigate in the map (no scrolling possible etc...  I didn' t add anything as extensions or anything between afternoon and evening...  But grandma used to say "before it broke, it was working... 😢" (a wise woman she was...)  Anyway, tried again this morning and it was working with no further action on my side. As usual....  Thx for your answers anyxay
Not sure if it puts your mind at ease, but I had similar issues about 1-2 days ago, that went away "automagically" later. I assumed that I stumbled into an update-cycle (I am on the European timezone) and the problem didn't reappear later.
paris here, and it was tuesday night...