Using Pathfinder 1 rules, set in the world of Robert E. Howard's Conan. High Grit, Low Fantasy, Real world situations, heavy RP and story line driven. Core classes, core races, Some stuff from the atlantean Conan rules PHB and some homebrew thrown in . We use the 25 point ability score buy for stats. We have four regular players and are looking for another two.  Every other sunday, 6 to 9pm EST.  The setting is set on the Isle of Siptah, just off the Stygian coast, the players are looking for the ruins of New Luxur, the purposed new capital should the Dafari had conquered Stygia. Long abandoned, the myths still circulate of richs and treasure that rival a king's ransom. If you are not into high grit, low fantasy, please do not waste my time or yours . The game is close to real world, the movies and dark and gritty like GoT.  Rash actions have consequences and being a band of murder hobos will get the party killed. There is a mix of combat and rp, this is not a dungeon endurance crawl or a dice roller's paradise, if you feel the need to throw dice every 2 seconds, go to a casino. Players can use PCgen to quickly roll up characters and we use discord for the game.