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Random Attack Generator

Game:  Mutants & Masterminds 2ed Character Sheet: Default for M&M 2ed The intention is to have one roll that will output a melee attack based on a d4 roll.  I am having 3 problems (that I know of) and would like some help. Problem 1: The full output only shows if a 1 is rolled.  If a 2-4 are rolled the only output is the 'name' and the 'unreliable' roll Problem 2: The output always defaults to the info from the lightning roll Problem 3: Leftsub seems to show a roll output instead of the intended attack type. !power {{   --emote|@{Character-name}'s fists start to glow with power!  --Unreliable Roll|You roll [[ [$atk] 1d4 ]]   --?? $atk.base == 1 ?? skipto*1|Thunder  --?? $atk.base == 2 ?? skipto*2|Psychic  --?? $atk.base == 3 ?? skipto*3|Fire  --?? $atk.base == 4 ?? skipto*4|Lightning     --:Thunder|  --name|BattleSuit  --leftsub|@{atk1-type}  --rightsub|@{atk1-name}  --Attack:|[[ @{atk1-type} +?{Attack Modifier +|0}[Atk]] ]  --Damage Base:|@{atk1-damage}  --Damace DC:|[[ 15 + @{atk1-damage} +?{Damage Modifier +|0}[Mod] ]]  --Save DC:|[[ 10 + @{atk1-effect}]]  --Attack Details:|@{atk1-details}  --Attack Save:|@{atk1-save}  --skipto*5|EndofCard  --:Psychic|  --name|BattleSuit  --leftsub|@{atk2-type}  --rightsub|@{atk2-name}  --Attack:|[[ @{atk2-type} +?{Attack Modifier +|0}[Atk]] ]  --Damage Base:|@{atk2-damage}  --Damace DC:|[[ 15 + @{atk2-damage} +?{Damage Modifier +|0}[Mod]] ]  --Save DC:|[[ 10 + @{atk2-effect}]]  --Attack Details:|@{atk2-details}  --Attack Save:|@{atk2-save}  --skipto*6|EndofCard  --:Fire|  --name|BattleSuit  --leftsub|@{atk3-type}  --rightsub|@{atk3-name}  --Attack:|[[ @{atk3-type} +?{Attack Modifier +|0}[Atk]] ]  --Damage Base:|@{atk3-damage}  --Damace DC:|[[ 15 + @{atk3-damage} +?{Damage Modifier +|0}[Mod]] ]  --Save DC:|[[ 10 + @{atk3-effect}]]  --Attack Details:|@{atk3-details}  --Attack Save:|@{atk3-save}  --skipto*7|EndofCard  --:Lightning|  --name|BattleSuit  --leftsub|@{atk4-type}  --rightsub|@{atk4-name}  --Attack:|[[@{atk4-type} +?{Attack Modifier +|0}[Atk]]]  --Damage Base:|@{atk4-damage}  --Damace DC:|[[ 15 + @{atk4-damage} +?{Damage Modifier +|0}[Mod]] ]  --Save DC:|[[ 10 + @{atk4-effect}]]  --Attack Details:|@{atk4-details}  --Attack Save:|@{atk4-save}  --:EndofCard| }}
Sheet Author
API Scripter
If you havent done it, I suggest posting your request in the dedicated powercards thread. You'll find perople familiar with the syntax and the script designer there.